2016 Streambank Erosion Restoration Project

On June 28, 2016 the RRRC partnered with Huron Pines to complete a river bank restoration project along the Rifle River in Deep River Township of Arenac County, MI.  A 500 foot stretch of riverbank was identified at River View Campground & Canoe Livery with considerable erosion that would benefit from a tree revetment.

A tree revetment is a process where trees are cut and anchored to the edge of the riverbank which slows down the current and allows sediment to build up and over time fills in completely with soil.  

The goal is for the revetment to stabilize the erosion happening at the site and reduce future erosion in the area.   

Volunteers from Huron Pines, Rifle River Restoration Committee, Trout Unlimited and River View Campground & Canoe Livery assisted with the project.  Trees were sourced from a local area tree farm and anchored to the riverbank.

Permits and fees for the project were completed by the property owner and approved by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Tree revetment project along the Rifle River completed by the Rifle River Restoration Committee & Huron Pines